Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ok so first and foremost id like to wish everyone a happy new year and a belated but very merry Christmas. As most of you know my rookie year in the NFL has come to an end and I am currently on a plane headed back to my hometown of Detroit Michigan and decided that since I’m going to be in the air for 5hrs, I might as well type a blog since it seems like forever since I’ve done one…

So I don’t know if its just me or not, but doesn’t it seem like the year 2011 has flown by? I mean it seems like just yesterday I was in college getting ready to play in the Cotton Bowl (See earlier blog for video footage of that experience filmed by yours truly) with my teammates in college and now I am in the NFL just finishing my rookie year about to take my first vacation since the summer before my senior year of College football. I’m sure that each and every person reading this also has a similar story of how the year has seemed to have vanished right before their eyes,..Our years have had good times, bad times, questionable times, and random times, but im willing to major that for the most part, our years have been pretty fun and fulfilling.

Well I’d like to take a second and remind everyone that there is someone that didn’t have too good of a year…Now im not going to sit here and roll off facts about people that are starving elsewhere and how many people are dying per minute. But I would like to remind you all that there is someone, or some people, out there that could use your help and would greatly appreciate it. I know that we are all happy to see another year; however, don’t forget to help out others because that’s what we are here for, to help each other along this journey called life.

That was just on my heart and wanted to share that with you guys… Still looking for guest bloggers (@bazookajoe72 on twitter) ( email) and im still taking ideas about new blog topics. Now that the season is over I will have more time to update this more frequently but I don’t want to fill it with things that you don’t find interesting. Im always open to suggestions and thank you for reading. 


Liquidarmz said...

I like the layout. Enjoy your time off you have definately earned it. We would be interested in hearing about, now that you have had a moment to reflect upon your first year, what was as unexpected and what was it that was way off from what u assumed it would be. Also a real opinion of drive and work ethic opposed to natural talent and competitiveness, which do u feel is of greater value to an organization. Thanx for the blog and ur insight.

TZONE said...

Hey Joe! I'm Tyrone Brown. I was the Army Recruiter that presented you with the Army All American Bowl jersey at Cass Tech back 2006. Congrats to your selection to Oakland. I feel like I know a legend already. I wanted know if you were ever planning a trade to the Lions or can you see yourself playing in Detroit? Hope to see more playtime on T.V.

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