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First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Joe Barksdale for having me as a guest blogger on his site.  I’ve been following Joe since his recruitment out of Cass Tech & I am probably his biggest fan.  I watched him work hard and grow into a starter at LSU and he’s been goin’ H.A.M ever since.  My girlfriend and I met him in Atlanta last year before the LSU/North Carolina game and I have been getting worked over in Words with Friends by him ever since (I think he cheats, but that’s for another blog).  Also, we play Tiny Towers, but please keep that to yourselves.

Joe gave me his blessing to blog about whatever I wanted to, so I chose to blog about the #1 ranked LSU Tigers (Joe’s alma mater) and the upcoming BCS National Championship Game.  I have the Alabama Menstrual Cycle getting beat by a TD in the Big Easy.  I also want to add that the following facts are my thoughts and musings only and are not necessarily the same views as Mr. Barksdale’s (you’re welcome Joe Barksdale’s attorney).

Hey Guys….remember when LSU beat Bama last month?

Do I think it’s fair that Alabama gets a chance to play for a National Championship when they didn’t even win their conference?  No.  Heck, Alabama didn’t even win their DIVISION.  But, do I think that the two best teams are playing for a National Championship? Sure….but something’s just not right about it.  I mean, LSU has to beat Bama twice to win the Championship but Bama only has to beat LSU once?  Seems unfair…..and the “Game of the Century” that was played just last month at their place ended up not even counting?  That’s ridiculous……but don’t tell that to the redneck Bama fans (or their girlfriends/sisters).

To add insult to injury, Coach Nick Saban told ESPN this during a Sunday night interview: “Oklahoma State has a great team. I watched their game last night and I would really like to congratulate their players on having a great year and (congratulate) coach (Mike) Gundy.”  Then he turned around and voted OSU #4 in a cheap attempt to manipulate the system and ensure that his team of mouth-breathers squeaked into the BCS National Championship Game.  

It’s not the best system….but it’s the one we have

Ok, so enough about how Nick Saban would send his own son to a Penn State summer football camp for a chance to play for a BCS National Championship.  It’s a done deal.  LSU is playing Bama (again), this time in the Superdome for all of the marbles.   I can tell you that LSU fans largely are not worried about this game like most of you would think.  You see, we already beat them once this year at their place (have I mentioned that yet?) but that’s not why LSU fans are beaming with confidence.  It’s not the Honey Badger or our secondary or our amazing punter or even our violent defensive line.  It’s our coach.  That’s right, I said it.  Our quirky grass-eating coach.  You see, our players love Coach Miles….they would run through a brick wall for him.  Bama’s players, on the other hand, are scared to death of Nick Saban….and they play like they are scared of him.  While Les Miles loves and trusts his team and lets them play with a certain amount of freedom….Saban’s team plays scared.  They don’t jump the route for an interception or try to punch the ball out before wrapping up the running back for fear of giving up the big play….they play stiff and scared b/c they don’t want Saban to go apesh*t on them when they get to the sidelines.  Watch the game if you don’t believe me.  LSU and Bama’s defenses are equally talented, but LSU roams the field beating their chests while Bama plays robotic and scripted.  Both defenses are great, but Coach Les Miles’ coaching style will be the difference in this game.

I know that there are no Bama fans reading this right now (this blog is mostly comprised of LSU and Raiders fans)....but Bama fans, I beseech you…climb off of your sister for a second and listen up.  The only DECENT thing to ever come out of Alabama is Joe Namath and perhaps Yelawolf.   The National Championship Game is in New Orleans.  Not sure if you know this or not, but the only team that wins BCS National Championships in New Orleans is LSU.  Did you know that every freshman football player at LSU since the year 2000 has played for a BCS National Championship….and all of them were in New Orleans?  Let that marinate for a minute.

What do LSU and the moon have in common?  They both control the tide.

Yup.  LSU players will make big plays and will be allowed to MOVE IT LIKE BERNIE and Coach Miles will palm clap while they do it.  Should Bama actually, say…make a field goal *cough cough*Bama players will most likely be doing something similar to the RiffRaff at which point Nick Saban will promptly meet said players at the sideline with a hammer, a sickle and a mouthful of venom.
Enjoy it LSU and Raider fans-- good things lie ahead for both of our respective fanbases.  You Raiders fans have Tim Tebow to contend with (by the way, he IS beatable….just ask Joe Barksdale) and we LSU folk have little Nicky to contend with.  May the football gods continue to smile upon our respective programs…..just win baby!

Note: Oh, and on behalf of the SEC, we would like to welcome Texas A & M to the conference **I say as I wink with a sheepish grin on my face**.

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