Friday, December 23, 2011

You often hear teams talking about playing "1 game seasons" (which means that they are taking the season 1 game at a time) but most people dont really know what goes on during that preparation so I'm going to try to help paint the picture of what a week of preparation is like for your average NFL athlete.

So let's imagine for a second that you are the head coach of a a professional football team and it's week 7. It's Sunday afternoon and your team is in the lockeroom celebrating your victory and you are standing before them about to tell them the schedule for the upcoming week. Take into account that you have 7 days until your next game and one of them has to be an off day. So how do you help the team get the soreness from the previous game out, nurse their wounds, and get in a couple quality practices before the next game in 7 days?

A typical week of preparation involves a day off, one practice in pads, 3 practices without pads and a walkthrough the day before a game. Most teams have team meetings and workouts on Mondays in order to get all of the lactic acid out of the muscles and aid in rehabilitation and recuperation. The next day is usually an off day. The days after that involve practice along with a lot of film study and playbook study. The day before the game is more of a walk through tempo to make sure that everyone is well rested and give them time to prepare for the game in their own way. And then comes Sunday and we all know what that means #gameday

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Have any of the older players talked about how the week went prior to the new CBA, or when they started out in the league?

Rex Stone - Life Conqueror said...

No better example of a one game season than this week. I believe in you guys

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